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Fancy Tweezers

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 9:55 PM

Who says tweezing can't be pretty! Have you seen these? The la-tweez tweezer could probably be the most attractive grooming tool I've ever used! On top of that, it works! The tips are angled and perfectly sharpened. What makes tweezing even easier is the built in bright LED light that helps illuminate those teeny-tiny, hard to reach strands that confound most make up and eyebrow artists. It's 100 percent stainless steel, features a gorgeous Swarovski crystal as it's "on/off" button and has a cool carrying case and mirror. Founded in Tel Aviv in 2004 in Tel Aviv, Israel, more than one million pieces have been sold to both the professional and consumer throughout Europe. La-tweez has finally made its way to the United States and is launching this month. It's a deal: salon cost $11 to 12 with a manufacturers suggested retail of $22 to 24.

Fancy Tweezers 

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