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Great Hair at All Lengths: Carey, Drew & Rachel

Melissa Hill | July 10, 2011 | 9:57 PM

Take cues from the celebrities this summer by following these tips from stylist and salon owner Antonio Prieto to create fresh styles for your clients. Whether you're dealing with cropped hair or long locks, you can help keep your clients looking cool and polished from work to the beach to a night out on the town. Using Carey, Drew and Rachel as models, here are Prieto's tips for three great looks.

Great Hair at All Lengths: Carey, Drew & RachelCropped Close
Hair like Carey Mulligan or Elisha Cuthbert is easy to maintain and look fresh. Air-dry with a light setting lotion or wrap dry for a sleeker night look and finish with pomade.

Mid-Length Maven
Great Hair at All Lengths: Carey, Drew & RachelMid-length locks like Drew Barrymore's are great at the shoulders or just below. To get her style, use a sea salt spray to give it a less polished look. Finish off with a medium curling iron, grabbing random sections and wrapping the hair on the outside of the barrel for a piece-y, beach-y look.

Great Lengths
Last summer it was all about braids. This summer, you can still do smaller braids along the hairline, but large braids in the back are in, too-as seen on runways at the Alexander Wang fashion show. Keep long-haired clients cool with a long braid down their back, or create a chic top knot or ballerina bun. Loose and effortless is the direction this look should go. The top knot should be prepped with a mousse. Pull up into a high ponytail at the top of the crown using your fingers. Twist the ponytail and wrap around the elastic pinning as you go until all the hair is secured. To finish, pinch small sections of the knot and pull to create looseness and softness. Finish with a light holding spray with a matte finish. Great Hair at All Lengths: Carey, Drew & Rachel

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