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Hair Emergency?

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 9:57 PM

Whether your clients are experiencing a cuticle catastrophe, frizzy hair freak out or a total build-up breakdown, Zotos Hair Rescue has a remedy.

Packed securely into a “hair” first aid kit, Hair Rescue features seven treatment products designed specifically to address common hair-emergencies. Each box of products is good for one to two uses. Use these products for “emergencies” and you will see results!

Hair Emergency?


I tried out a few of these products during some of my hair “emergency”
days to see if they could fix my hair issues.

Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Intense Clarifying Treatment Kit: So my hair has been looking a little dull and lifeless lately, maybe because of the change in weather here in Chicago. With the weather changing back and forth from hot to cold, I feel like it’s done a little damage to my hair. So I decided to try out this clarifying treatment, which helps remove the environmental and mineral build-up that dulls and weighs down hair.

I first applied the Clarifying Treatment (consistency of water) to my dry hair. Since I have very long hair, it took the entire bottle to coat all of the sections of hair on my head. If your clients have shorter hair, you may be able to use the products a second time around. After applying the clarifying treatment, the box also contains a clarifying shampoo, which you lather on your hair and then rinse.

After drying my hair, I can say this treatment did make my hair feel LIGHTER and more bouncy…probably because it eliminated all of the extra environmental gunk that was weighing down my hair.






Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Keratin Reconstructor Kit: I did not try out this product personally, but it works similar to the severe breakage kit (which I will mention later). If your clients have dry, damaged and over-processed hair, this treatment is designed to treat their hair to happy hour!

















Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Extreme Frizz Kit: If your clients have textured or wavy hair, they may be suffering from frizz. This treatment reduces frizz by over 50 percent even in high humidity, so it’s perfect for summer. This can be used for curly or straight hair styles, and the products are color-safe. This kit includes a frizz-fighting shampoo, frizz-control treatment and a leave-in frizz control moisture crème.














Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Severe Breakage Kit: This product really did make my hair feel stronger after using it. According to the box it helps stop breakage in hair by 76 percent and it makes your hair 4X stronger. However, I think this all depends on how damaged the hair is before the treatment. If your clients are suffering from weak hair, this product will replenish lost moisture and add a little gloss to their locks.














Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Dry Scalp Kit: For people who have dandruff or dry scalp, this product will cool and sooth. It will be especially useful for people who easily get sunburned on their head during the summer. This is like the “Aloe Vera” for hair. This product includes a raw sugar scalp exfoliator, clarifying shampoo and leave-in scalp soothing treatment. Now you may be thinking, why use an exfoliator on sensitive scalps? For this product, the sugar scrub is very soft, and the sugar ends up “melting” in the hair. The exfoliator is great for shaking those extra flakes off your client’s head.














Hair Emergency?Hair Rescue Split End Repair: What’s a “hair” first aid kit without a split end treatment? Everyone has experienced split ends in their lifetime, so this product works as the “band-aid” to hair. I applied some to my split ends and it made my hair feel moisturized at my ends.

Hair Rescue Strengthening Treatment: According to the bottle, this product strengthens and repairs hair by 65 percent. Use this product along with the split end repair and your client’s hair will be set to go!

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