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Modernizing Special Occasion Hair For Teens

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 9:57 PM

We caught up recently with Phillip Wilson, Global Creative Director for FHI Heat, Inc. He shared his
thoughts on how to best modernize prom and special occasion hair for the teen market.

• Create a Retro Set: Today, there’s no need for rollers, according to Phillip. He suggests using a large barrel curling iron, (he uses FHI Heat’s 1¼-inch curling iron), to create the foundation for all updos. Wrap large sections (1-inch sections for fine hair, 1-to 2-inch sections for medium to coarse hair) around the iron and then clip each section of hair. After the hair cools, remove the clips and run your hands through front to back to create a gorgeous natural texture.

• Smooth and curl: Lots of teens are loving really short, layered pixie cuts right now. You can dress them up beautifully with a cool double iron styling trick. Starting at the root, pull sections of hair forward, then take an iron (Phillip uses FHI Heat’s Domed Platform iron) and make a bend on the section. Remove the iron and take the 7/10-inch Platform Iron and make a tight curl. You can leave them tight for a ’30s/’40s retro set or run your hands through from front to back for a dramatic wave. “It’s the perfect complement to the popular flapper style dresses the girls will be wearing this year,” says Phillip.

• Modern crimping: The medium length bob can be totally “hot”. Phillip suggests drying the hair, moving from roots to ends by wrapping 1-inch sections just one twist around the iron (he uses FHI Heat’s EPS 1” Styling Iron). Continue down the length of the hair for a modern corrugated look.

 Modernizing Special Occasion Hair For Teens

Philip Wilson

• Braids: For one-length long hair, start by smoothing it perfectly straight in small sections. Next, create a front
 perimeter braid to complement her facial structure and dress style. Finally, smooth the rest of the length back into
a smooth ponytail and secure. Twist a piece of hair around the base to hide the elastic. 

A SPECIAL TIP: Phillip reminds all stylists and salon owners that proms and other spring special occasions offer the perfect opportunity to get new clients in to the salon. The least expensive way to do it: Ask your current clients who have teenage and college-age daughters if they have spring proms or formals coming up and if they need some help with their hair and makeup. If the answer is yes, suggest she take home a gift certificate for the special session and pre-book the appointment before she leaves the salon.

For more great ideas, Phillip invites all stylists to become his “friend” on Facebook and join his fan page or visit

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