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What we love about Brig Van Osten from Shear Genius

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 9:58 PM
The season finale of Shear Genius 3 had the industry abuzz—everyone had their favorite contestant! For the
judges on the show, that favorite was Brig Van Osten, who snagged the big win this season. We asked our Facebook fans what they thought about the shocker.

Sarah Haugen Pithan: Brig has been out of the box the whole show! We can see pretty hair in the salon everyday
... I want to watch a “show,” and that’s what she gave us ... Go Brig!! You played the game ;)

Dana Flaherty: I wasn’t going for Brig ... I thought Matthew and Janine were shoe ins.

Christine Ruggaber-Wood: Congrats to Brig, an artist with vision, she’ll go far in her career.

Holly Kay Holway Ringo: Matthew really did the best hair in my opinion and went beyond himself in the last
challenge and Janine is soooo talented! The way Brig won was she accented the fashion not overtook it, which
was the challenge. I’m happy for the avant-garde stylists she represents but they all were wonderful in my opinion. I appreciate their courage to show their hearts :)

Brig Van Osten: Wants to thank everyone for tuning in to Shear Genius 3 on Bravo! Who knew the power of a glue gun, clear tape and a passionate stylist!

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