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Hair color tips: A color mash-up

July 10, 2011 | 9:59 PM

One look at the runway trends and you can see the big thing for spring is darker roots and lighter ends. At Xena's Beauty Company in NYC, owner Xena Parsons creates this look by starting with a new base, then doing the "color mash" by using clear cellophane strips, applying the root and end formulas, and watching the plasma-like effect as you mash the colors together.

For the look shown here, the base is Framesi 2001, 40cc of #3HR (dark hot red/red violet base) with 80cc of 15-volume cream Ossidor.

The formulas:
A: Framesi 2001 20cc of #1NP (natural black/blue violet base) with 40cc of 15-volume Ossidor.
B: Framesi 221 15cc of Sweet Honey (a special FX color that lightens over tint) with 30cc of 40-volume Ossidor.
The Mash-Up: Take a 1/4-inch by two-inch section that's one inch behind and parallel to the front hairline. Place a Framesi Visible or see-through strip underneath and apply the darker color at the root. Then apply the
lighter color to the remaining strand, seal the top and press the area where the two colors meet, using your fingertips. (To finish, alternate the formulas in vertical sections around the head and process everything at once.)

Hair color tips: A color mash-up
Color and style: Xena Parsons.
Make-up: Cindy List
Photographer: Laura Rose
Fashion Stylist: Janet Racy.
Jacket: L.A.M.B.

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