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Andis Offers Infection Control Classes

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 10:00 PM
With recent scares involving mutating flu viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, salons, spas and barbershops are under more pressure than ever to protect clients and professionals alike.

Andis Company, a sponsor of the Barber Academy 2010 tour, has taken up this cause and is making cross-country visits to educate barbers on the importance of contagion control in the barbershop. The classes stress how crucial it is to maintain 360-degree infection control by focusing on proper hygiene and sterilization methods to reduce the spread of infectious disease. The classes also re-introduce barbers to the full range of Andis products in a four-hour training program.

“We are proud to sponsor this event which is important in promoting safe habits throughout the barber community,” says Fred Koeller, vice president of marketing for Andis.
“There are simple ways of preventing the spread of disease and education is key. We hope the attendance will be high.”

The Barber Academy Tour opened in Chicago April 12 and includes several cities.
Here are the remaining cities on the tour:
•    Houston:   May 10, 2010
•    New York:  May 17, 2010
•    Charlotte:   May 24, 2010
•    Orlando:      June 6, 2010
•    Las Vegas: June 14, 2010
•    Los Angeles: June 21, 2010

For more information about Andis’ education program at the Barber Academy 2010 Tour, visit or

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