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How to Achieve the Perfect Brow

David Maderich | July 10, 2011 | 10:03 PM
As any makeup artist will tell you, eyebrows make the face.

I get asked time and time again how to achieve the perfect brow. Well, my dear devotees in the world of powder and paint read on.

The first step to achieve the perfect brow is to decide on a shape. I prefer a thicker brow with a soft defined arch. Remember, the arch’s highpoint should be at the outer corner of the eyeball and then taper off.

To begin your brow, find yourself a creamy white-eye pencil. Using your pencil, trace under the brow to achieve the shape and arch you want – then pluck every hair in the white-penciled area. Next, comb hairs downward and trim any strays.

Now fill in holes or gaps with either brow pencil or powder in one shade lighter than the natural hairs – I think a good neutral taupe works on everyone.

Finally, take a whisk of translucent loose powder and brush over the brows to diffuse and soften.

Now take a look in the mirror and say hello gorgeous brows.

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