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Hair color conundrum

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 10:22 PM
Our Facebook page is blowin’ up! We asked, “A woman with dark, Level 3-4 hair (virgin) walks into your salon and says, “I want my hair color to look exactly like Jessica Simpson’s for my 10th high school reunion tomorrow night.” She has no gray. How do you proceed?”

Here’s what you had to say:
Judy Milliman Robinson: "I would bleach her to the correct level, tone and add some fine blonde highlights as well. Sometimes you can’t achieve this perfectly in one sitting but you can try!"

Brandi Jones: "As professional stylists, yes, we would like to give the client what they ask for, but we should also know better than to go against our professional judgment. We need to take control of the consultation and talk to them about the reality of such a process. Under promise and over deliver."

Saraiah Villacorta: "Only if it’s virgin hair!!!!! Pre-lighten midshafts and apply to hot zone and ends last with 20 volume. Re-apply. Shampoo, condition. Dry and foil entire head with lightener then begin color app with a violet and ash based blonde. Tone with violet- and ash-based toner. Ta Da!"

Cassie Alkire: "Laugh—it’s not happening in one sitting no matter how great the colorist."

Kelley Rogers Musillo:
"Hit her over the head and then call 911 and say you’re not sure what happened!"

Kristina Thomson: "This is a terrible process for this level of hair to go through. You can get close but I highly doubt in one sitting you can get her there without frying the crap outta her hair."

Melinda Watson Lagerhausen: "Tell her to buy Jessica Simpson’s blonde wig and call it a day!"

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