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How to Get Mel B's Beachy Waves

Melissa Hill | July 10, 2011 | 10:22 PM

When former Spice Girl Mel B reunited with Eddie Murphy at the premiere of Shrek Forever After, she rocked the quintessential summer look: beachy waves. The style has remained popular over the last couple of years and with summer around the corner, Mel B's stylist Marcia Hamilton offers up her steps on how to get this perfect look.

How to Get Mel B's Beachy Waves

  1. Cleanse hair with a sulphate-free, volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Apply volumizing foam at the roots and distribute through the hair shaft with finger tips.
  3. Begin blow drying at the front of the head. Take medium size sections and blow-dry with a large, boar bristle round brush. Make sure to over direct each section while blow-drying and pin at the scalp, working your way from front to back.
  4. To create these waves use a 3/4 inch ceramic curling iron. This time, start at the back of the head, working from the nape to above the ears. Take 1 1/2 inch sections, twist lightly and wrap around barrel of open curling iron, in a coiling motion, counter clockwise.
  5. As you reach above the ear, begin taking 2 inch sections, and repeat waving motion. If your client has a fringe, section out and curl forward.
  6. When all the hair is waved spray lightly with a firm-hold finishing spray. Apply a drop of shine serum to hands, rub in and run fingers through waves.
  7. For added volume, flip head forward and repeat this motion. Flip back and lightly brush through the front of the hair for a soft, windblown look. Finish with medium holding spray and go.

Image Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage

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