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Patrick McIvor | July 10, 2011 | 10:24 PM
First, prepare for success. Get up earlier, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, dress for success and be early to work, EVERY DAY of your career. It amazes me how many young stylists wait to get set, as if being ready is a waste of time if no one is on their book. When a new guest is in their chair, it is already too late to make a great impression.

Second, if you are not busy, get busy. I find it funny when young stylists say they can’t get new guests or not enough new guests are coming in. That’s like complaining that fish aren’t jumping in your boat! You know what, we went out and got most of our great guests. Whether it was a slow day and we met them blowing hair dry at the gym, or through one of the other guerilla marketing events we do, if you are not busy, find a makeover and do it for free. Get a digital camera and go to Walmart or the mall, walk around and count the people. On one hand, count all the people you see who have hair you do. On the other hand, and I bet your two feet too, count the people who have hair you would love to do. What fills up first, the one hand or 15 people you could be doing?  Get one of them to be a makeover. Makeovers are the best investment because you are putting your money where your mouth is and every a great makeover changes lives. It changes the candidate's life, and when their friends see what you are capable of, they will change your life by making you the success you are striving to be.   

Third, realize excuses are for losers. Winners never give you an excuse when they don’t win, they just go home and work harder to be better prepared for the next challenge. As I explain to our younger team members, “If you can’t get someone in your chair for free to do a life changing makeover, why should I put people in your chair who are paying?

When we look at people who are successful, the difference is always them.  I know nine times out of 10 when there is a problem, it is usually me and the faster I realize that the faster I can work harder to be the success I am working hard to be.

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