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Skincare Solutions, An Anti-Aging Regimen

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:26 PM

As we age the characteristics and appearance of the skin alters. Whether it's fine lines, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, damage due to sunlight, uneven pigmentation etc., your clients are probably searching for a remedy that will help their skin look brighter, and more youthful.

I tried out Skincare Solutions, a unisex line created for both men and women, which includes a variety of products that blend science and beauty together with natural soothing botanicals and ingredients. The line targets today's concerns related to stress, aging and the rapid-growing effects of environmental elements and pollutants.

Even though I have young skin, and I don't necessarily need to use anti-aging products, I gave them a whirl anyways. Some products like the Awakening Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Resurfacing Scrub, Makeup Remover, Day Cream and Restorative Hand Treatment can be used for women or men of all ages. However, to really learn about the anti-aging effects of the other products this line offers (the Protective Repair Serum, Dream Cream, and Ultimate Eye Lift Cream) I had my mother try them out and give me her intake.

I tried out these products (listed below) for two weeks to see what difference I would see in my skin. It's also important to know, that you must rub the products in your hands for a little bit to activate them.

Skincare Solutions, An Anti-Aging RegimenAwakening Cleanser: The cleanser itself is purple! I used this cleanser daily in the morning to remove impurities and balance out my skin type. The cleanser gently moisturized and conditioned my skin. It contains a blend of Sunflower seed oil, Tangerine and Grapefruit essential oils to help even out skin tone; Eucalyptus, which delivers anti-bacterial properties to protect and prevent congestion; and Glycerin, a natural humectant which attracts and retains moisture to the skin. This is a gentle cleaner your clients can use in the shower that gently exfoliates, even on sensitive skin.

Purifying Treatment Toner: After using the cleanser, you can either spritz this toner onto the face directly or you can spritz it on a cotton ball/pad-a little bit goes a long way! I only needed one spritz to do the job. This product cleanses skin, balances all skin types and it tightens pores (due to the Witch Hazel extract).

The Algae Extract in this toner soothes and protects while firming skin. Smoothing and anti-aging effects are achieved with amino acids and the retinoid-like ingredient, Lana Blue. Skin cells are gently exfoliated and evened out with this toner's Glycolic Acid ingredient. This toner can be used in the morning, at night, during the day…whenever your clients want to refresh their skin. It's a convenient product to use to set makeup or to use while traveling for extra skin hydration.

Resurfacing Scrub: This scrub comes out green and has tiny little beads that help exfoliate away dead skin cells! I used this scrub about four times between the course of two weeks. The bottle recommends using it once per week for best results for normal skin (two to three times per week for oilier skin). This scrub contains Macadamia and Sweet Almond oil, which helps block evaporation or loss of water on the skin. It also contains natural Apricot Seed Powder which helps remove dead skin cells without stripping skin of natural lipids. This product is ideal to use after using the Awakening Cleanser.

Skincare Solutions, An Anti-Aging RegimenUltimate Lift Eye Cream:
This cream is an alternative to anti-wrinkle injections. After consulting with my mother about how this product treated her skin, she said that she feels an instantly firming sensation whenever she applies it. She said she feels like it slightly improved the fine lines by her eyes, and it has improved her skin tone. I have also noticed a difference. My eyes tend to get really puffy overnight, and this cream helps de-puff them in the morning.

According to Bodyography:

  • This cream is formulated with Vialox, in association with Cermide 2, which allows fine lines and wrinkles to relax and decrease by 49 percent (with continued use).
  • Oligo and Tri-peptides found in clinically proven Matrixyl 3000 provide visible anti-aging results and are proven to reduce wrinkle VOLUME by 36 percent and decrease wrinkle DEPTH by 27 percent after four months of twice daily applications.
  • The Lipolight OAP/PVA helps to reduces the appearance of dark circles.
Age Control Therapy, Dream Cream:

This was my mother's favorite product out of the entire line. The cream has 10 different anti-aging ingredients. The cream absorbs quickly without making skin feel oily. A really cool feature about this cream is that it contains clinically effective levels of Syn-Ake peptide which mimics the activity of polypeptide (protein) found in the temple of VIPER VENOM, which inhibits muscle contractions. This results in the reduction of wrinkles by over 50 percent after a month of daily application (according to Bodyography). This cream, made my skin feel really refreshed and hydrated; even in the morning.

Skincare Solutions, An Anti-Aging Regimen

Protective Repair Serum:
For your clients that want a mini-facelift
this product will help. It firms and tones skin, minimizes fine lines and
over time helps reduce the depth of wrinkles. I like using this serum
before I put on make-up. I feel like it has helped improve my skin tone
and it leaves my face feeling smooth every time I use it. It's like a skin
workout in a bottle!

Skincare Solutions, An Anti-Aging RegimenMakeup Remover:
This makeup remover will not only help your clients wash off the day, but it will moisturize their skin. It's a great moisturizing product. I felt like I didn't even need lotion after applying this to my face. This product contains Geranium Robertianum Extract, which acts as an agent against photo-aging and is also a reparative for dry and damaged skin. It also contains Algae Extract, Aloe Leaf and Ylang Ylang to help heal skin against environmental damage.

Restorative Hand Treatment: This quickly absorbs into the skin without making your skin feel oily. It's an ideal treatment for your older clients who want to protect their hands from age spots and UV damage. When used daily, it can help lighten uneven skin pigmentation (with it's Dermawhite Lightening System) and it can help prevent premature aging which is commonly found on the hands (according to Bodyography).

After using this skin care regimen for the past couple weeks, I have see a difference in my skin. My skin tone is more balanced, my pores have become smaller and my skin feels smoother. This is only after two weeks. I wonder what it will be like after two months!

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