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Discover Beauty 2010 at Cosmoprof North America

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:26 PM

Returning for a 4th year, Discover Beauty 2010 has already unearthed several remarkable new products with the expectation that they will be added to the current marketplace. The event organizers have announced the hand-selected brands that will be part of Discover Beauty 2010. This line-up includes hidden gems from across the globe—each one adding value, solutions and excitement to the show and to the customers. (Discover Beauty 2010 is part of Cosmoprof North America which will be held July 18 to 20 at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

Discover Beauty 2010 at Cosmoprof North America

Amazon Beauty—RAHUA Hair Care USA—Booth #A20334

This is a transformative hair treatment collection that combines an exclusive extract found in the Amazon with organic and 100 percent natural ingredients. The collection is named Rahua after the products’ restorative ingredient, and is sustainably harvested from the thick of the Amazonian rainforest. Rahua brings the beauty world what the tribeswomen of the Amazon have known for centuries as the key to voluminous, lustrous locks.

Barista Bath and Body—USA—Booth # A18301
Barista Bath and Body is the first product line to extend the delights of coffee beyond your morning cup of java. B3 products deliver shine, moisture and exfoliation using natural and organic ingredients—free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Barista Bath and Body appeals equally to men, women and coffee aficionados everywhere.

Belvada Cosmetics—USA—Booth # A19320
Belvada Cosmetics presents the evolution of mascara, a new concept in mascara application. Innovative in design it has a unique one hand applicator. Having been received in over ten countries, Belvada Cosmetics will follow up with the Ultimate Lip Gloss; the Pearl Series as well as Belvada Harmony Duo Lipstick.

English Laundry by Christopher Wicks—USA—Booth # A18357
Christopher Wicks, owner and designer of English Laundry, is proud to launch English Laundry Fragrance collection. English Laundry is a rock ‘n’ roll inspired brand and its designs contain English influences. Under Wicks’ company banner Defiance USA, he designs and manufactures for Fender, Jimi Hendrix “The Experience”: A Clothing Collection, Davinci Shirts and English Laundry.

Essè Cosmetics—Italy—Booth # A19300
Essè Cosmetics began as a result of the friendship between two sisters, Angela and Gio. Angela founded a wellness center/spa, while Gio earned her Ph.D in Pharmacy with a specialization in cosmetology and phytotherapy. Ten years ago, they married their expertise and began to experiment and research to create a range of face and body products based on a core resource from the Franciacorta region—which is well known for its wines. Essè Cosmetics incorporates the grape and is enriched with plant extracts, free of paraffin, petroleum and animal derivates.

Geri G. Cosmetics—USA—Booth # A19321
Geri G. Cosmetics is the first company to offer cosmetic skin care enhancing products that not only enrich the skin, but transform make-up into something modern. Geri G. Cosmetic's Mixer Kit is the complete all-in-one package for skin and make-up, offering consumers a multi-purpose product that is convenient, restorative and affordable.

IT Cosmetics— USA —Booth # A20326
IT Cosmetics infuses medical grade anti-aging technology into color cosmetics. Developed with leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, IT Cosmetics’ 40+ SKUs are creating new categories in beauty innovation and efficiency. IT Cosmetics utilizes anti-aging ingredients, including rare finds from global sources, in its patent-pending formulas. Many of IT’s new products are waterproof, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

Kelly Teegarden Organics—USA—Booth # A19301
Kelly Teegarden created her own 100 percent chemical-free skincare line out of necessity. Her new organic line, Kelly Teegarden Organics, was inspired by and emerged naturally during her realization that chemicals caused her cancer. During this time, she was not able to find natural and chemical-free skincare products that met her high standards and she refused to compromise. Kelly Teegarden Organics seeks to fill the void in skincare by catering to the discriminating consumer that is looking for a natural, chemical-free, way to enhance their beauty.

NuBo—UK—Booth # A20318

NuBo is professional strength biomimetic skincare without parabens, irritating petrochemicals, synthetic colors or fragrances. NuBo’s patent-pending Cell Dynamic Complex has opened doors to exclusive retailers. The Cell Dynamic Complex protects and optimizes the life cycle of the skin cell with biomimetic actives which replicate the activity of lipids, enzymes and proteins found in healthy, young skin. NuBo delivers dramatic anti-aging results, which have been confirmed by clinical studies.

Peter Lamas Products—USA—Booth # A20308

Peter Lamas, founder of Peter Lamas Products, has created his own line of natural and organic products that are free of harmful chemicals. Each product uses a synergy of exotic extracts, powerful botanicals and potent herbs to enhance all skin and hair types.

The Jojoba Company—Australia—Booth # A19357
The Jojoba Company is a natural skin care range built on the qualities of pure, Australian jojoba. Their jojoba is grown on their farm in Australia's Riverina district without pesticides or fertilizers. The Jojoba Company has over 30 formulations designed for 'natural' skin care. Each formulation uses active natural ingredients combined with pure golden jojoba to give skin the nourishment it needs.

The Skin Deli – UK – Booth # A19356
Gourmet skincare means feeding hungry skin with 100 percent recognizable food ingredients. Packed with nutrient-rich natural ingredients The Skin Deli products are designed to be as effective, skin loving and natural as possible. The products condition the skin and increase its elasticity.

TouchBack—USA—Booth # A19312
Award-winning TouchBack is real hair color in a marker; instant touch-up for gray roots. TouchBack bonds to the hair and won’t flake or rub off, even when brushed. It stretches the time between hair colorings and saves time. The line has eight salon-quality shades. TouchBack Brow Marker is a new product that creates beautiful eyebrows with a smooth-flow soft-tip marker. Available in four shades that complement TouchBack for the hair.

Discover Beauty 2010 at Cosmoprof North America 
 Discover Beauty

 Touchback, real hair color in a marker; a brand that will be at Discover Beauty this year.

Discover Beauty 2010 at Cosmoprof North America 
 Discover Beauty

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