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Living Up to the Labels

Patrick McIvor | July 10, 2011 | 10:27 PM
Best Dressed: There is an old riddle about two barbers that live in the same remote town, one was immaculately dressed and coiffed and the other looked unkempt with a bad hair cut. Which barber would you want to cut your hair? The assumption is when you look good you are good, but the key to this riddle is the assumption that we can’t cut our own hair (which we know is not true, but is here for the old riddle). Therefore, the better barber is not the one that looked good, it was the unkempt one because he cut the well-coiffed barber and visa versa. This assumption, or near guarantee of success, is even the key to an old riddle, because when the bathroom is clean, the kitchen is clean is usually true and “Best Dressed” salons and teams are more successful.

Most Professional: Usually means most successful.  I heard a quote once that said, “No one ever lost a client because they were too professional.”

Perfect Attendance: Nothing means more to your guests than being there for them, everyday. This does not include contagious infections, deaths or family milestones, but does include spontaneous beach days, goof-off days or booking out because of an empty book.

Everyone’s Friend: When everyone knows your name and considers you a friend, even if you are not their first option as a service provider, you are their second, so if something ever happens/changes, the opportunity will be there for you to seize.

Most Improved: My daughter won this award on her softball team, and as a salon owner, I would rather have a team of most improved players than anything else. Most improved people know that life can always get better, and the great thing about those who start needing improvement and rise above, they get it. They know they just have to work harder than everyone else and they will continue to do so again, and again.

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