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Eufora launches product to combat men's hair loss

July 10, 2011 | 10:32 PM

One of the most common problems aging men face is premature hair loss. To combat this, Eufora is launching the new HERO for Men ( brand that features a complete line of men's hair, scalp and skin products free of ingredients that clog hair follicles, and cause scalp and skin conditions.

MODERN talked with Eufora CEO Beth Bewley to get an inside look at the new brand.

MODERN SALON: What was the inspiration behind creating the new HERO for Men brand?

Eufora launches product to combat men's hair lossBeth Bewley: After much research, we found that in 2014 and 2015 the men's market is projected to boom. We have many men that love Eufora products and visit Eufora salons. We listen to our customers and salons and they tell us what they would like us to pursue.

Modern Salon: The products in the HERO for men line contain the patented Pro Amino Peptide Complex. How is this ingredient unique or special?

Beth Bewley: Having an unhealthy scalp can lead to premature hair loss. The advanced Pro Amino Peptide Complex technology reduces common problems men face like redness, itching and follicle aging. It helps improve the scalp's condition, helps protect hair and keep it healthier longer.

Modern Salon: Why is the professional recommendation important?
Beth Bewley: We have found men like a professional recommendation more than women. Once they purchase a product they will become very loyal. We are teaching both the salon professional and the owner how to capture more of the men's market, and care for the man in the salon. We want salon professionals to reap the benefits of their salon recommendations.

Modern Salon: What is your Men's Team?
Beth Bewley:
Our Men's Team consists of eight high-caliber educators chosen to provide exceptional men's haircutting, styling and business education via YOU School Advanced Academies, in-salon education and local market shows. They teach salon professionals how to be successful. And, it certainly drives our success as well.

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