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Copy These Celeb's Cuts

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:33 PM

Who doesn't want to look like a Hollywood star? If you have clients come in wanting to snatch a look from their favorite celebrity, it's helpful for you to be ahead of the game and already know what kind of technique you are going to use to achieve that look.

Mimic these celebrity hair cuts and learn various cutting techniques from San Diego celebrity stylist, Jet Rhys, owner of the Jet Rhys salons in Southern California.

Copy These Celeb's Cuts
UNDER CUTTING: Your client doesn't need to be a celebrity to pull off drama and style like Rihanna. Turn them into a showstopper by cutting their hair extremely short on the side or at the nape area.

To have enough hair to cover the undercut, only crop down what sits below the parietal bone or lower. Or for a more edgy look undercut the hair from the parietal almost down to the skin and style like Rihanna. For a more dramatic look, pull the hair above the head, hairspray, and then turn it into a pompadour look. The final effect will show off your client's edgy short sides.

Copy These Celeb's Cuts  POINT CUTTING: Kristen Stewart's natural free flowing style is feminine and timeless. Take sections where you would like to see the outline softened and elevate straight up. Rather than cutting a blunt line over your finger, leave about two inches above your fingers and angle your scissors point facing in a straight line into your ends. Cutting directly into these ends-opening when going into the hair and closing on your way out-will soften the line yet not remove your technical shape.

Copy These Celeb's Cuts 
SLIDE CUTTING: To soften ends of a longer shape use slide cutting. Angle your scissors once again down the hair shaft starting at the mid lengths. Using the middle of your blades, gently open and close them almost cradling the hair and removing more bulk all the way through the ends. This technique is best used for medium to course hair. However, if your client has fine hair, this technique can be used to create lift and movement like Jessica Szohr. 

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