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How to retail salon products to men

July 10, 2011 | 10:33 PM

MODERN asked Proview Panel members how they sell product to their male clients.

Here's what our panelists had to say:

How to retail salon products to men"The key with retailing to male clients is realizing that they want as few products as possible but they want the product to be versatile. I take into consideration the client's hair type, the different ways in which they can finish the style and their commitment to maintaining the style."
-Steve Napier, master stylist/education manager of J. Bentley Studio and Spa, Powell, Ohio

How to retail salon products to men"We have found that our ‘Referral Card Program' is the fastest way to get men into our spa and salon. We offer $10 off their next service for every guest they refer. It helps bring in new clients and it helps retain our existing clients."
-Sara Cruncleton, spa director of Ihloff Salon and Day Spa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

How to retail salon products to men"We treat our male clients like everyone else. We use a product, tell them what it does and why we are using it. Sometimes we also let them feel it or they can try it themselves. We always follow up with product advice at the end and ask them if they would like to buy anything we tried out on them that day."
-Ginger Pendley, owner of Anazao Salon, Snellville, Georgia

How to retail salon products to men"We do a couple things: complimentary clean ups between hair cuts and we give $20 off a service if a client refers a friend. We have found the most popular products our clients like are densifying shampoos and styling waxes."
-Donna Ryan, stylist and manager of Splash Hair Studio, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

"Our salon has a large male clientele and they are very loyal to their products. We choose the right products to use on them based on their hair's needs. If they like it, they will buy it. Or, we will write the name of the product on a business card and often they will come in and buy it at a later date. Many men don't need more information other than us saying, ‘It works.'"
- Diane Chong, owner of Studio 107 Hair Inc., St. Albert, AB Canada

"I have specific products I use on all of my male clients-especially finishing products. I have found that in most cases, if a client likes the product, they will buy it!" -Jack Lawrence, independent hairdresser at By the Strand Salon & Spa, Weston, Florida

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