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MSTV: NAHA Highlights Segment

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:34 PM

If you missed the last MODERN SALON TV episode that came out last week, you missed MODERN editors getting exclusive interviews with some of the NAHA winners after the big ceremony.

The first interview we captured was with Tony Ricci, NAHA 2010 Hairstylist of the Year. Ricci gave us some soundbites on his winning collection, Cyber Vixens, and what inspired him to create his work. In his collection, Ricci did a lot of "hair tattooing" where he airbrushed parts of the hair. Inspired by his tattoo artist, Ricci predicts the next level of doing tattoos might be on hair instead…

MSTV: NAHA Highlights SegmentFashion and Beauty Director, Maggie Mulhern, interviewed Nicholas French, NAHA 2010 Avante Garde winner. According to French, Alice in Wonderland inspired his "basket weave" look on his models. After working "five days and five nights" to put together a concept, he said the day they photographed his work was one of his most exciting days. At the photo shoot they experimented with flying the models around through the air on rigs and swings for a more artistic effect.

MSTV: NAHA Highlights SegmentSenior Editor, Alison Shipley also got a chance to speak with Steve Elias, NAHA Editorial Stylist of the Year. She asked him about his photo shoot experience and how his looks came together. According to Elias, "It wasn't all about me, but the image itself."

MSTV: NAHA Highlights SegmentAt the end of the NAHA segment, Editor Laurel Nelson interviewed Beth Minardi, NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Beth sees in her future the continuation of her salon and finding new ways to reach colorists with new formulas.

If you watch further into the episode, you will see highlights of business-building seminars at Symposium, the Beacon event, and the annual City of Hope fundraiser, where the Spirit of Life Award was awarded to Eva Graham, founder of NIOXIN.

To watch the episode now, CLICK HERE.

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