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Advice for the Student Colorist

Beth Minardi | July 10, 2011 | 10:35 PM
Beth Minardi

What's your best advice for students who are familiar/comfortable with color but need that extra push to be top notch and truly get it 110 percent so we don't struggle once we are working in salons? -Britt Venable via Facebook

Dear Britt,
I congratulate you as you step forward and dare to "dream in color." You are special. Many new professionals try to color hair whenever they "must," but, there are others who decide early in their career to make color a PRIORITY. For that, you are to be commended.

First of all, graduation and getting a license are just the beginning. Please learn to use and understand several brands of color. Knowing how to use only one thing limits you. It is best for you to see how different brands behave. Learn to feel comfortable with a few formulas, then, branch out. Think about how to softly alter a formula to create more warmth, or more depth or a more dramatic tone. You MUST learn all about bleach (lighteners) and you MUST
become manually adept at foil placement. As I always say, "The first 20,000 foils are the toughest!" So practice, practice and practice more.

Do FREE models at least several times per week. Expect slow growth and expect setbacks. Never, ever give up. Never stop learning, and keep your chin up. YOU will be a color star! NEVER stop learning; learn every day.

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