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Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 10:35 PM

Exactly 9,568 mannequin heads have been reviewed during Matrix's Mannequin Mania competition. Now, since the entry period has come to an's time for the final round of Mannequin Mania semi-finalists. Check out the looks, inspirations and products used on each of these hair styles.

 Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!  
Mannequin Name: Sun & Moon Masquerade
Category: Student
Inspiration: I found out that I LOVE to do this kind of design work. This mannequin's design is similar to what I had in my mind at the beginning but as I went on, my mind opened to so many possibilities. I felt myself become so excited. Along with excitement were thoughts for the next design. I AM INSPIRED BY THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!
Products Used: Goldwell Oxycur Platin-Lightening Powder Wella conditioning permanent gel color-6RV Bed Head-Hard Head Special Effects Molding Wax
Mannequin Name: Mother Nature
Category: Student
Inspiration: My inspiration came from the one thing we constantly abuse and often taken for granted: Our lovely planet, Earth
Products Used: Salon Pro hair spray, hair pins, Pravana fantasy blue, bb2w powder bleach, 40v developer.  
Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!
Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!
Mannequin Name: Electric Cherry Blossom
Category: Student
Inspiration: Japanese Harajuku
Products Used: Pravana Chromasilk Vivid Colors, Kenra Shaping Creme & Volume Spray
Mannequin Name: Roxxi
Category: Student
Inspiration: Love the color pink!
Products Used: Paul Mitchell Inkworks/DPL/Tinsel Ties  
 Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists! 
Mannequin Name: Storm
Category: Matrix Friends & Family
Inspiration: The everchanging clouds in the summer sky
Products Used: Logics blue concentrate diluted with mostly Logics clear styling: Matrix Gelee, Shine Milk, Shaping Spray, Freezing Spray
Mannequin Name: Dendrobella
Category: Matrix Friends & Family
Inspiration: A trip to a museum where I saw Blue Poison Dart Frogs and Green & Black Poison Dart Frogs. It is so unbelievably amazing that those colors are found in nature!! The colors are placed in blocking patterns (as the green & black frog), some are solid from scalp to ends while other blocks are a blend of two colors seamlessly flowing one into the other (as the blue frog). The cut accentuates the color placement and also represents the curves of the frogs' bodies and legs; the organically sharp curves and angles represent the legs and head and the fullness represents the body and belly.
Products Used: Logics Colorcremes 1B+PBC Pravana Blue, Green and Yellow Logics Blow Sculpt, Full Scale, Creative Fix  

 Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists! 
Mannequin Name: Ava
Category: Matrix Friends & Family
Inspiration: The inspiration for Ava was 1920's and 1930's movie stars with a contemporary edge. I wanted to create a look of finely sculpted hair where the inspiration was undeniable.
Products Used: Design Pulse Rock-n-Hold Gel Design Pulse Hard Lock hair spray
Mannequin Name: Starry Night
Category: Stylist
Inspiration: My inspiration came from the Vincent-Van Gogh painting, Starry Night. I loved the color combination.
Product Used: Urban Shock yellow, green and Blue. Matrix V-lites, High Beams temporary spray on hair color New Blue. Fun & Fantasy Temporary spray on hair color Green. Flora wire. Yaki hair extensions. Matrix Freezing hair spray for hold. hair pin and bobby pins.  
 Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists! Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!
Mannequin Name: Pisces
Category: Stylist
Inspiration: The Zodiac
Products Used: BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS (hair wefts, mod podge, waxes, sprays and lots of time)
Mannequin Name: Ocean
Category: Stylist
Inspiration: My inspiration for this piece was the Ocean, which I love. Just to look from the beach towards the horizon, detailing where the endless water and sky fuse together makes me happy. You may think the red is a little out of place, but it's not! You see, if the ocean were human it would bleed from all the pain and torture it's going through. Each teardrop from our mother earth ripples in the water. I could not leave this out, because I thought the effect on the back of the updo would produce more drama.
Products used: Bed Head hair spray, Jerome Russell-Temporary hair color (sprays on shampoos out) end Matrix hair color Prizem and Blue Buster, V-light  

 Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists! Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!
Mannequin Name: Angel
Category: Stylist
Inspiration: While creating the total look of Angel, I was inspired by the beautiful, sexy, seductive models of Victoria's Secret. Their wings elegant and passionate swaying behind them as they work the runway with all eyes on them. I interpreted these key factors into Angel and allowed my creativity and knowledge take me to a higher place.
Products Used: Basic White bleach, Shades Eq, Biolage color care shampoo and conditioner, Vavoom extra-full freezing spray, Shine endure spritz, synthetic and human hair extensions.
Mannequin Name: Pretty in Pink
Category: Salon Team
Inspiration: Contemporary art and playing off the use of color in modern art. Contrasting shades of pink.
Products Used: Goldwell Elumen color, Shaper plus  
  Matrix Mannequin Mania July Semi-finalists!
Mannequin Name: Nikita
Category: Salon Team
Inspiration: Japanese origami
Products used: Matrix Freezing Spray, Medium hold mousse, Shu Silk Oil
Mannequin Name: Ariel
Category: Salon Team
Inspiration: Like a breath of fresh air into the dog days of summer, a line sea shell pushes into the black sands of the island, one of mother nature's best work. The gentle spiral descend is the inspiration for my design. It adds depth, mystery and multi- shades of color. Simplicity at its best!
Products Used: Moroccanoil Hair spray, Schwarzkopf Dust It, Schwarzkopf Color Line

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