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BabylissPRO Volare Luxury Blowdryer

July 10, 2011 | 10:36 PM
BabylissPRO has just introduced its new luxury blowdryer: Volare.  The Volare blower is exceptional in that Ferrari engineers help develop and design the motor that "drives" the blow dryer. To introduce the blower to distributors and the press, Lee Rizzuto, CEO of Conair, rented out the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and invited all to drive REAL Ferrari's along the course. Just 13 signed on, and Modern's Beauty and Fashion Director Maggie Mulhern was just one of two women willing to brave the course and the 115 degrees! "I got it up to 125 miles per hour," said Maggie. "What a blast!  Oh...and the blow dryer is fantastic!"

Watch the Volare video at

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