Crowning Glory by Amoy

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 11:15 PM
Amoy, celebrity stylist and owner of Amoy Couture Hair in New York City believes in hair as a woman’s best accessory. To keep hair healthy, she uses natural products by Rene Furterer to prep for this model’s sultry, sophisticated styles.
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A second look from Amoy. Hair: Amoy, guest artist for Rene Furterer Photography: Roberto Ligresti Make-up: Renee Garnes
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1. Spray hair with dry shampoo. Lift fine, horizontal sections out from head and spray from root to end with holding spray.
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2. Wrap horizontally around a medium-size iron.
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3. Slide out. Curl falls naturally from a dropped section.
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4. Lift up sections from along the Mohawk and back comb at the base and continue backcombing to the end of the section.
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5. Spray the styling brush.
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6. At the sides, brush the surface up to the crown.
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7. Pin the sections up to the crown and secure.
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8. For a second look: brush the top strands back to the crown.
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9. Bring the strands from along the center back and secure all at the crown into a ponytail.
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10. Divide the ponytail and create multiple braids.
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11. Twist the braids into each other and continue to braid remaining sections. Then twist around each other and secure with bobby pins.
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12. Take the side section, direct to the crown and braid.
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13. Twist into the base braids and secure.
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14. Add any additional braids or pieces.
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15. Pull out selected strands for an “unfinished” look and finish with spray.
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PRODUCTS AND TOOLS Shampoo and conditioner: Rene Furterer Acanthe Perfect Curls and Rene Furterer Naturia Dry shampoo Stylers: Vegetal Finishing Spray, Vegetal Mousse, Styling Wax, Glossing Spray, all Rene Furturer Curling iron: Gold‘N Hot by Belson Brushes/Combs: Mason Pearson Shears: Yamako Extensions/Pieces: Premium Extensions Nail color: OPI
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