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Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 11:16 PM

MODERN Editor Laurel Nelson and I just attended a very cool event that I've been so excited to tell you about. As John Paul Mitchell Systems embarked on their "What Inspires You?" tour, they hit up the University of Illinois at Chicago--of course  Laurel and I HAD to go!

The event brought together students from Paul Mitchell the School Chicago and school owners Terri and Steve Cowan, who also own Professional Salon Concepts, which sponsored the event.

The day kicked off with a tour of the school--wow, what a cool location and amazing facility! Love the station set up, the reception desk, and the displays of retail, including the newly launched Awapuhi line, which smells delicious, by the way, yum!

Then, we headed into the show. It was PACKED with 600 students and 1,500 other licensed professionals. The energy from the music (and the hair!) was just awesome. Out came Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic Director,  with Angus Mitchell, of Angus M. and JPMS, so cool! The students went nuts, totally recognizing the huge star power this dynamic duo has. Very cool. Then, out came Takashi Kitamura, Art Director for A Robert Cromeans Salon; Scott Cole and Linda Yodice, Artistic Directors for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color; and Stephanie Kocielski, Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell.

While there, I posted in Modern's Facebook status ( "Stylists!!! What inspires you?? Architecture? Nature? Tell us!!" Here's what some of our fans had to say:

Porscha Marie Hunter I Just let my mind go free and flow with my thoughts of design
Judi Dannebaum My art in Pastels...the color, subject, composition...
Ana Lucia Certain music....the visuals that songs can give you is really inspiring
Walter Fuentes Art, minerals, feelings, and nature have been current source of inspiration..
Timothy York Personality....the fact that a simple haircut or hair style can change how they feel about themself...Encouragement! The client themselves inspire me...
Rhonda Wilcox Comics..the hair and clothing in them is so crazy. Sometimes I just have to try and duplicate them for real.
Didi Green Hmmmm....People!...the Earth(cloud shapes..colors of can alter a mood! ...and all combined effect how u feel...yeah..I think that's it..(Warm smile)
Bon Hall I love graffiti art, the colors and the shapes and of course working next to the Pacific Ocean
Kassey Barnhart My clients inspire me, getting to know them and who they want the world to see them as; my work allows them to wear their personality and their passion on the outside...
Kirk Bishop life and living life has always influenced me, the strengths and subtleties of life are powerful influences.
Lorrie Capuozzo The hair industry and how it changes and changes and never gets boring!!!!!
Clint Swart Anything! Everything! Definitely music, freedom of thought, and the client!
Jess Harmon Rock and roll and metal inspire me
Sharon Schram-mcreynolds Lately, children's hair. I love to see all the natural dimensional tones


Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Editor Laurel Nelson (left) and Senior Editor Alison Shipley (me!) at the start of the show! The music got us excited-everything from Blondie to Black Eyed Peas to Tina Turner. We even caught Terri Cowan gettin' her groove on!

Takashi Kitamura, Art Director for A Robert Cromeans Salon, kicks off the show with an exciting cutting demo.

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Angus M., Steve and Terri Cowan, and Robert Cromeans greet each other on stage. Steve: "I have seen some amazing things in the salon industry. But the biggest privilege of being a school owner is seeing the twinkle in a student's eye when they see what they can be."

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Models in high-fashion demo the movement, shine and strength of their hair by dancing with each other in a couture-style ballroom dance, tugging on each other's pony tails.

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

The JPMS artists come out, Scott Cole, Takashi Kitamura, Stephanie Kocielski, Linda Yodice,  Robert Cromeans and Angus Mitchell. Robert: "What makes this show so fantastic is the team we work with."

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Models strut. Linda Yodice: "Beautiful hair color speaks for itself."

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

The color demo begins. Stephanie Kocielski describes her highlighting technique-backcomb longer lengths and foil just those lengths that remain-for more movement in the hair and a beautiful finish.

Paul Mitchell's "What Inspires You?" Tour Hits Chicago

Stephanie: "We want to make the whole world chemically dependent."

It really was an awesome day full of inspiration and education--right up Modern's alley! For the full report, check out the October issue of Modern Salon--for more pics, quotes and education!

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