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Red Hot Color

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:17 PM

Reds have made a comeback, and the increased demand has prompted Affinage to assemble its reds in the new bRed Collection Kit. The color highlighting crème system is now available to salons.

Red Hot Color"bRed is the ultimate color highlighting system because it allows hairdressers the freedom to go for extravagant highlights or subtle hues based on what the client wants," explained Michael Elving, national artistic education manager for Affinage. "It provides intense color and superb lifting power on natural and colored hair. And it's fast too. When you use bRed with medium heat, you see results within 15 minutes."

bRed is an off-the-scalp, intensive red highlighting system designed to give results in red, red copper, red violet, copper and magenta. Used with or without heat, its fast action means no prelightening. The formulation allows bRed colors to be used with lower volumes of developer, including 10 volume.

It is not generally necessary to use a high volume developer to achieve maximum lift and color. High volume developer can give more lift but actually reduce the intensity of the color.

bRed contains Affinage's unique D.A.T.E.M. technology that accelerates the coloring process by transporting oxygen deep into the cortex of the hair, making for faster penetration, remarkable gray coverage and more effective color deposit. Its smooth base crème provides lump-free mixing and easy application.

The bRed Color Highlighting Crème Kit includes 100 ml tubes of copper, red copper, red, red violet and magenta; one 250 ml 10 volume Affinage Crème Developer; one 250 ml 30 volume crème developer; a mini bRed swatch shade chart; and one Refresher Red all for the salon price of $40. Please note that the magenta shade is designed to be used on levels 6 and lighter only.

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