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Rene Furterer's New Vegetal Styling System Transforms Celebs

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:19 PM

René Furterer introduces three new additions to their styling range of must-have products: Vegetal Sculpting Gel for high control and tousled looks; Vegetal Mousse for structure, volume and long-lasting hold; and Vegetal Finishing Spray. All feature the Cakile extract, which is a Mediterranean-grown sand dune plant known for its natural ability to help hair retain hydration.

The new René Furterer styling collection includes newly repackaged modeling paste to mold, define and set any style; newly repackaged styling wax to define and emphasize layers; and glossing spray with a new fragrance to give hair shine.

So do you want to see how the new Vegetal styling range works with the current collection? Check out these styles:

Red Carpet 101: Gretchen Mol's Modern Glamour

Rene Furterer's New Vegetal Styling System Transforms CelebsFor her walk down the red carpet at the premiere of HBO's new drama, Boardwalk Empire, series star Gretchen Mol showed off a softly glamorous coif, created by celebrity stylist Joshua-Myles Ristaino of Exclusive Artists Management. "Gretchen plays a showgirl in a Las Vegas review, so I wanted to create a style that was reminiscent of 1950s bombshell Jayne Mansfield, with a modern and airy look," says Joshua.

Here is how Joshua styled her hair:

*To help protect the radiance of Gretchen's hair color, I started by saturating her hair with René Furterer Okara 2 Phase Leave-In Protective Conditioner, which also helps to repair hair from deep within the shaft.

*For volume and hold, I worked a generous application of René Furterer new Vegetal Mousse throughout, concentrating it at the roots.

*While her hair was still wet, I did a blow-out using a 3/4-inch ceramic round brush. To create the effect of a roller set without the hair looking too done, I lifted sections of hair straight up with the brush to blow dry, twirling the hair off the brush once it cooled. The key to lasting volume and bounce is to leave hair alone once it's released from the brush. Over-handling flattens it out.

*Using a one-inch curling iron, I curled sections in front away from Gretchen's face. To finish, I gave Gretchen's hair one really good tousle and sprayed it with René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray for a finishing touch.

On-Set 101: On a New Wavelength with Odette Yusman

Rene Furterer's New Vegetal Styling System Transforms CelebsWhen she arrived on the set for an eight-page photo shoot for GENLUX Magazine, actress Odette Yusman, co-starring in film "You Again," showed up with wet hair. In no time flat, star stylist Christian Marc of The Celestine Agency transformed her hair from wet to gorgeously wavy.

Christian's advice:

*After quickly blow-drying Odette's hair, I sprayed sections with René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray before creating waves with a half-inch curling iron. The spray gave waves longer-lasting hold.

*Next, I had Odette turn her head upside down, then I sprayed hair with René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo and I brushed it through from roots to ends to create more luxurious body and fullness.

*Last, I gave her hair an all-over misting with René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray to set the waves and infuse the hair with movement.

101: Urban Edge for Rosson Crow

Rene Furterer's New Vegetal Styling System Transforms CelebsKnown for her opulent paintings of lush interiors, artist Rosson Crow also expresses her creative imagination in her personal style. As celebrity stylist Louis Angelo of Garren New York and Judy Casey Inc. can tell you, it was easy to sculpt more body and volume into her sassy short cut with the new René Furterer Vegetal styling system. "The lightness of the products won't weigh hair down," says Louis. "I love the signature Vegetal scent."

Louis' styling steps:

*To give Rosson's hair long-lasting lift at the hairline and crown, I applied a cocktail of René Furterer new Vegetal Sculpting Gel and a small amount of René Furterer Glossing Spray to wet hair before blow drying. The light texture makes hair more pliable while styling. Hair was blown dry using the René Furterer Round Brush with natural bristles.

*Next, I set the top layers with three hot rollers. Once hair cooled, I removed the rollers and lightly brushed hair straight up.

*Lastly, to maintain the volume and fullness of Rosson's edgy, sculpted look, I sprayed her hair with René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray.

René Furterer New Vegetal styling system is available now at fine salons and spas nationwide. Call 1-800-522-8285 for locations nearest you.

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