Contemporary Elegance

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 11:20 PM
Sleek and modern, this bun by the artists at Barex Italiana is ready for the runway or just a night on the town.
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Dampen dry hair and run Barex Medium Hold Gloss Mousse through the roots of the hair and Barex Strong Hold Gloss Mousse though the length of the hair.
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Part hair down the middle and tie back into two low, tight ponytails. Twist ponytails tight in preparation for a low figure-eight bun.
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While holding one ponytail out straight, wrap the other one around it in a figure eight. Pin hair as necessary to secure into place.
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Wrap the other ponytail around the figure eight bun that is pinned in place. Secure hair as necessary.
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Finish with Barex Strong Hold Gloss Hairspray to hold bun in place.
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