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Back-to-School Styles

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:20 PM
MODERN asked Proview Panel members their predictions for the back-toschool season. Here's what they reported as the biggest concerns from their young clients on fall styles.

MODERN Proview members say the popular styles their back-to-school clients want are long layers and chocolate/caramel
highlights.MODERN Proview members say they put grade level, school pictures, dress codes and manageability into consideration when creating back-to-school hair styles.

Back-to-School Styles"As a young adult transitioning from middle school to high school, and high school to college, it is important for their self-esteem to fit in with their friends, and to make the move with confidence. Having the knowledge of how to duplicate their style at home will help them look and feel confident; which will help them exceed beyond their goals."
-Jane Kutchey, master stylist/Matrix artistic educator at JCPenney Salon, Sterling Heights, Michigan

"Teens love to express their individualism through their hair styles and color, but one main concern is financial maintenance. They like to sometimes shock with their hair style choice, but don't like the price shock when it's time to pay."

-Timothy Martin, stylist and of Timothy Martin Salon Whittier, California

Back-to-School Styles

"The biggest concern I ‘m hearing from young adults is regarding the health of their hair. The majority of teens are maintaining length, and are conscious of the frizz and damage."
-April Lyn Graffeo stylist and owner of Indra Salon, Andover, Massachusetts

Back-to-School Styles"In Florida, we are doing a lot of blonde highlights and root drag barrel curls with the GHD styling iron. Teens want their styles to last through summer and back-to-school."

-D. Scott Ball owner of Cut & Color Room, Orlando, Florida

Back-to-School Styles

"Although we still receive requests for smooth and straight styles, we are definitely seeing an increase in requests for ‘lazy, soft curls,' not perms or tight curls. And our guests are wanting to learn how to style their hair that way."
-Jill Kohler president of Kohler Academy Scottsdale, Arizona

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