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Strawberry Spice by Beth Minardi

July 10, 2011 | 11:20 PM
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PRODUCTS AND TOOLS Permanent Color: Vero K-Pak Color Demi Color: Vero K-Pak Chrome Foils: Alufoils Shampoo/Conditioner: K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Stylers/Protectants: All by K-Pak: Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, Protect and Shine Serum, Leave-In Protectant, Protective Hairspray Iron: K-Pak ReconstrRx Vapor Iron Blower: Twin turbo dryer
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“If all foils go roots to ends it looks stripe-y. Some should be sliced and others woven. In addition, with the color design, foils should be closed, not folded, to prevent marks and make it easier to remove.”
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Putty slashed jersey dress with built in gold necklace by Gucci
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Begin with the re-growth. Joico K-Pak color: 1 1/2 oz 8G with 1/2 oz 9RG (to create a Level-8/9 golden copper) and 20-volume Veroxide. Apply in 1/2-inch sections.
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Immediately apply a different shade of demipermanent color to the hair shaft: Equal parts K-Pak Chrome G8 mixed with RO, equal parts (to make a golden peachy blonde), blended with equal parts dedicated developer. Apply from the processing root color to end. Process for a total of 45 minutes at room temperature. Rinse, shampoo and condition.
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On dry hair pull out weaves and slices from horizontal sections. Apply 1 oz RC6 (copper mine) and 1 oz G9 (spun gold) to make a brilliant russet.
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Continue alternating weaves and slices throughout the hair.
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Process for 25 minutes after last foil. Shampoo and condition.
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