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Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 11:22 PM
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All techniques Ruth Roche used for this cut are from PUREFORM METHODOLOGY, a guide on how to cut color treated hair. “PureForm Methodology looks at hair as a fabric and we cut according to the way that fabric is colored. It’s all about cutting for the color. Hair should be colored first, before cutting. All the products in this line give support and structure without dulling the color. Each product contains the “anti fade complex”.
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Hair: Ruth Roche, Pureology Colour Ambassador, owner RARE, session artist and Jay Palaniuk, PureArtist , session stylist Photography: Roberto Ligresti Make-up: David Maderich, Fashionstyling: David Widjaja
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1. Hold hair down from occipital. Point cut into ends straight across to the desired length.
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2. Blend into the sides, angling to keep length toward the face.
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3. Return to back. Lift out vertical sections from the occipital and point cut into ends.
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4. Overdirect sections to the back. Continue to point cut to the center.
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5. Blend into the sides. Drop elevation as you come around toward the front, continuing to point cut.
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6. Direct the fringe forward. Whisper cut to the end of the section.
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7. "Plaid cut:" Comb through hair with both hands, crisscrossing back and forth to end up with several section in your hands.
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8. Keep the section up from the crown and point cut in to the ends.
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