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Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:24 PM

Experience a unique opportunity to participate in a 3-day intense DevaCurl training forum in New York City. This course is directed towards the forward thinking hair designer who is eager to adopt the Deva philosophy and approach, from the foundation and basic principles of caring for curly hair, to the most advanced and in-depth techniques for all natural hair textures. Devachan Salons and Devachan Concepts co-owner Denis DaSilva and Director of Education Shari Harbinger have joined forces to bring the ultimate and advanced study to an intimate group offering hands on education.

This workshop will guide stylists through both basic and advanced Deva Cutting techniques as well as the acclaimed Pintura highlighting technique, using our patented Combrush tool. This 3-day curl course will conclude with a motivational session that will cover topics such as smart ideas for staying focused, organized and creative, and how to take control of earning potential in order to achieve professional and personal success.

Day 1
DevaCurl Blueprint

This 3-day intensive curl course begins with an introduction to DevaCurl, the Deva story and philosophy followed by a demonstration and workshop. Stylists will learn the acclaimed Deva cutting, Pintura Highlighting and Deva 3-Step method of cleansing, hydrating, styling and setting curly hair. DevaCurl Blueprint concludes with the complete Deva product portfolio discussion.

Day 2
DevaCurl Foundation

DevaCurl Foundation utilizes Blueprint skills and encourages stylists to advance to the next level of Deva Cutting and Pintura Highlighting. Stylists will apply their newly acquired skills and insights in a cutting and highlighting workshop while being introduced to various curl types, curl textures and curl densities. DevaCurl Foundation concludes with insider tips and tricks.

Day 3
DevaCurl Structure

DevaCurl Structure begins with an in-depth review of the Deva cutting, Pintura highlighting and Deva 3-step method. This 3-day curl course concludes with a motivational strategies session featuring tips and tricks for saving smart and spending smart, taking control of earning potential as well as staying focused, creative and organized. Upon completion, stylists will each receive a personalized “Deva Inspired Curl Architect” diploma.

The dates for the next 3-day as well as dates for all one day classes are posted at

Shari Harbinger, director of education and Denis DaSilva, co-owner Devachan Salons and DevaConcepts DaSilva cuts a curly client's hair.

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