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Alison Goes Red Violet!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 11:25 PM

Guess what!? I, who has had VIRGIN hair for the past five years, took the plunge and colored my hair! I am so, so, so excited about the results!

Alison Goes Red Violet!My inspiration came from a classmate at Pivot Point International Academy, Melissa, who just did a bleach wash over her dark locks and added L'Oreal Professionnel's Hi-Richesse 5.65 over it, with a red kicker. Check it out on the left!

Her hair is SO long and SO healthy that the color is just gorgeous on her. Though, the photo quality doesn't do it justice.

It's not that I was necessecarily afraid to color my hair, it's just been such a process, over the years, to finally grow it long and have the color be 100% mine. My schedule has been so hectic with work and school that I was afraid of the maintenance that comes with keeping up with hair color.

Fortunately, my academy at Pivot Point International gives us "personal grooming time" once per week which has allowed me (and the rest of the school!) to go wild with out color creativity! Anyway, back to Melissa's hair. I fell in love. Seriously, I loved it so much, I just had to do something similar.

My classmate, and one of my most favorite people, Joanne, developed the formula of L'Oreal Professionnel's Hi-Richesse 1/2 tube 5.65 (Wild Cherry), with 1/2 tube 5N, and 1/2 of red kicker.

Here's how it turned out!

Alison Goes Red Violet!
Before. Freaking.

Alison Goes Red Violet!
The color application begins!

Alison Goes Red Violet!
There's no going back now.

Alison Goes Red Violet!
Now, all I have to do is sit and wait!

Alison Goes Red Violet!
Voila! All done!

I love it! It's been a couple of weeks since Joanne did my hair, and I've since done ANOTHER color! Hi-Richesse 5.16 (Raisin) with 1/4 tube of Clear and about two inches of violet kicker (Majirel). It's even cooler!

Alison Goes Red Violet!

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