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July 10, 2011 | 11:25 PM
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Creating an amazing updo is one thing. Making it look effortless to execute is another. Martin Parsons did both in this exclusive shoot for MODERN. Watch him in action on MODERN SALON TV at
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“Use working spray. Never aim at the head. Spray in the direction of the way the hair moves. Spray, count to five and then clean up.” —Martin Parsons
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Give your clients maximum impact with this bold holiday updo by Martin Parsons.
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Set hair in hot rollers in large sections diagonally upwards for dressing up hair.
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From occipital, backcomb a large triangle with 12 strokes each at the base for consistency.
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Continue teasing up through the top, teasing nearly the entire head, so pins will hold. Press and lift the brush against the base. Gather entire section, lifting forward and out of the way.
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Smooth gently with back edges of brush to shape surface.
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Next, smooth hair behind ear gently to center back. Hold ends of each section as if cutting (vertically) and insert large pin upwards.
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Holding the pin still, take the ends of each section and bend behind the pin.
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Press upwards and cross first pin with another.
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Smooth and gather the other side from the ear downward across nape.
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Hold lengths across the first pin.
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Again hold section vertically, and slide large pin upwards over all.
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Gathering the ends, fold and secure just past the center. Cross pins to secure.
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Smooth over the top surfaces with the lightest strokes possible.
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Direct front side straight back to halfway between ear and center back. Slip a pin up to secure.
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Using a folding motion, turn pin, hold in place, slide up and cross with a second pin.
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Tease other side, directing toward to the crown.
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Always leave out an extra piece for “cover ups” in final finish.
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Gently swirl end around top pieces with tip of tail comb to blend.
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Using end of tail comb, place the strands along the face as desired.
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At the nape, clean up with a tail comb, smooth up and spray with holding spray.
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Hair: Martin Parsons, assisted by Ian Hearth, Martin Parsons Technique Master, Lead Trainer. Photography: Roberto Ligestri. Make-up: David Maderich. Nail artist: Jessica Mart of LaJames Beauty College
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PRODUCTS Nails: Cuckoo for this Color by OPI Lipgloss: Mirabella Eyeliner: Beauty Addicts
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