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July 10, 2011 | 11:26 PM
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“ PureForm Methodology looks at hair as a fabric—and we cut according to the way that fabric is colored. It’s all about cutting for the color.” —Ruth Roche
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Divide top half of hair into four sections—one on each side along the parietal and one at the top of the head leaving out the nape. Bring down the hair from the occipital and pull out the center section. Make tiny cuts on radial sections (“whisper cutting”) from short to long, starting at mid strand. Travel with the section lifting as you go.
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Go to the sides at the nape. Pull out section and whisper cut starting from mid strand.
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Work down the section, returning back to the center. Repeat on the other side.
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Along the sides, bring down the fi rst section. Take a twoinch horizontal panel and project. Whisper cut from mid center to ear to four inches out traveling toward the side.
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Continue up the side section in horizontal sections cutting in the same manner. At the third horizontal section, go short to long from face to back.
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Bring the entire side section to the front and whisper cut from mid section to length.
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Take the section from the crown, lift up and whisper cut from mid section to six inches out from length. Using the shortest piece as a guide, bring radial sections to the short point, continuing to blend from short to long.
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Take a section from the front top/side and direct forward. Whisper cut to create an overlay.
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Gather the fringe and whisper cut to break up and soften.
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Maroon silk Mikado dress with metal flower embroideries by Miu Miu, rings by Alexis Bittar
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