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Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:26 PM

These leave-in treatment drops for low density hair and areas of thinning, will help protect the hair follicle while helping to support healthy hair function.

Healthy Hair Follicle EnergizerKey Ingredients:

LifeXtend Complex: A blend of ocean marine, plant and biobiogenic ingredients that help create the ideal conditions needed for hair preservation, growth and restoration.

Plant (apple stem cell extract): May help support healthy hair growth and assist in strengthening follicles, creating a healthy scalp environment needed for hair preservation and growth.

Biogenic (pentapeptides): Help strengthen and fortify follicles and hair shafts helping to create thicker hair.

Scalp Activators: May help raise follicle energy levels.

Biotinyl-GHK: Helps protect and repair hair follicles.

So how to you use it? All you have to do is tell your clients to apply one drop to low density areas, and leave in. It can be used twice a day if they wish. Look out for this product in professional beauty salons and barber shops, because they are now available! For more information visit

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