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Burlesque Premiere

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 11:27 PM

Last night was one of the most exciting nights EVER in Hollywood and I was there! It was the premiere of Burlesque, the new film starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. And starring great hair…and great nails….and great make up and music, dancing. This movie offers some of the best eye candy ever seen on a screen.

Let's just something out of the way right now…Everyone keeps asking me if Christina was any good…and although I am not an acting coach, she was FANTASTIC. Her singing is really something (duh) but she was incredibly believable as a small town girl seeking an opportunity to perform in Hollywood.

The opening was held at the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I was a guest of Sebastian, one of just 3 sponsors of the film (OPI and Sony were the others). It was cool because all the signage both inside and outside the theater was sandwiched by the words Sebastian and OPI. The professional salon industry was well represented not just by the words, but by the deed. This film is just so yummy from a beauty perspective. (Watch for my blog and interview with Martin Samuel, the award winning lead hairdresser for Burlesque.)

Walking the giant red carpet was just so much fun. It was lined with crazed paparazzi and all the entertainment tv hosts. Seriously…between the blinding flash bulbs and screaming its no wonder some of those celebs go nuts. I was standing downwind of Mario Lopez who was interviewing Peter Gallagher and next to Chaz Bono (Cher's daughter now son). Walking behind Chaz was the group of P & G executives (parent company of Sebastian) responsible for putting the sponsorship together.

What an exciting opportunity I thought. I whipped out my little video cam and began to interview Reuben Carranza, P & G's North American CEO of Salon Professional; Robert Jongstra, P & G President of Global Salon Professional; Kevin Otero, Global Commercial Team Leader and Sylvie Moreau, Global Franchise Leader, Prestige and Lifestyle. Reuben was 40 seconds in to the interview before a big giant muscle-y security man (in a totally inappropriate gray cable knit sweater) came over, grabbed my arm and shouted WE ARE DONE HERE. (Really? I though we had just begun!) Turns out one CANNOT just turn the red carpet into her own little taping space.

Ok, so I went inside the theater and found Mary Atherton, Manager of P & G's External Relations (and former Modern Salon Editor). We were 5 seconds in to the video interview before a big giant muscle-y security guard-ess grabbed my arm (in nun shoes) and told me we could NOT DO THIS HERE. I guess I was bit loosey goosey with these interview opportunities. Oddly, it's not so easy to FILM in the FILM CAPITOL of the world.

For the record, the place was chock full of celebs, but other than Chaz and Peter, I really didn't get close to any. Cher wore a low cut short black dress and long black center parted hair (the hair actually looked real). Christina wore a long emerald silk chiffon gown and her platinum hair was sexy, bardot-y and very Burlesque!

Burlesque is really a great film for US….members of the beauty industry. The story is a tiny bit predictable and clichéd (I actually mumbled a line that I expected a character to deliver and sure enough…he did!) but it is a MUST see for hairdressers, make up artists and nail artists.

Picture courtesy: Sony Pictures Publicity 

Burlesque Premiere

Burlesque Premiere

Burlesque Premiere

Burlesque Premiere

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