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Rene Furterer Master Class: Runway 101

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:27 PM

"Easy Glamour" was the theme animating L.A. designer Kelly Nishimoto's Winter 2010 fashion show on Oct 26 at the chic W Hotel in Hollywood, where René Furterer partnered with celebrity stylist Sean James, Workshop Director of the Fred Segal Salon in Los Angeles, to design the runway's stellar hair looks.

Sean specifically requested products from René Furterer, including the new Vegetal styling system, for each of the stylists on his team. Drawing inspiration from Nishimoto's collection of sophisticated lounge wear in lush fabrics with shimmering gold and silver accents, Sean said, "My interpretation was all about ‘70s flair meets glam rock. I went for a big, wavy ‘set' look-think Christie Brinkley."

Here's Sean's directions of how he achieved each style:


Rene Furterer Master Class: Runway 101 To create a glass-like surface with elasticity and bounce, I started with mounds of René Furterer new Vegetal Mousse, working it from roots to ends. This helps to fill in the cuticle of the hair.

Working the mousse through the hair downward with a Mason Pearson brush during blow-drying hair smooth helped to set the mousse into the hair. This also separated strands beautifully to prevent clumping.

Next, to make sure hair was completely smooth and flat, I combed hair from roots to ends using a fine-tooth comb.

Rene Furterer Master Class: Runway 101Starting close to roots, I parted off small sections, wrapping the total length of each section around a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Before releasing the hair, I always wait until the heat transfers evenly through the hair, which I test by touching hair with my fingers. For each section, I gently pulled out the curling iron, careful to keep the roll intact. Each roll was secured with a clip and allowed to set for two hours for maximum staying power.

Once hair was set, I removed clips to release curls.

Rene Furterer Master Class: Runway 101FINISH:

Using a Mason Pearson brush, I gave hair a thorough brushing with vigorous strokes.

Next, I began sculpting hair using both my hands and the brush to create waves in a sexy, glam way, paying special attention to frame the face. For models with medium-length tresses, I gave hair a slight flip at the ends.

For hold and shine I sprayed hair all over with René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray.

Short and Sassy:

To create a smooth and sleek, glass-like surface, I started with lots of René Furterer new Vegetal Mousse, working it from roots to ends. This helps to fill in the cuticle of the hair.

When blow-drying hair-which was wet from the mousse application-I used a small round styling brush. I call it my ‘Jamie Lee Curtis' brush because it is the one I always use to style her hair. The brush makes it easy to create soft volume and height while blow-drying hair.


To control the volume, I warmed up some René Furterer Styling Wax between my fingers, and then shaped and sculpted the hair, separating and gently pulling down individual pieces around the face and at the nape of the neck.

For hold and shine, I finished with an allover misting of René Furterer new Vegetal Finishing Spray.

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