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VERIPUR For a Very Pure Salon

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 11:29 PM

The members of the professional salon industry spend a lot of time in contact with PEOPLE. Unfortunately, these people share germs when they shake our hands, sit in our chairs, turn our door knobs…you know…exist. We are ALL sharing germs, and lets face it….


I went to an amazing press event this week and was guided through a live display showing how many germs we actually come in to contact with on a daily basis. Pushing buttons, typing on a keyboard, chatting on a cell phone, grocery shopping.  Bottom line…it’s gross. After the tour, the editors in attendance placed their hands under a black light to just how many germs we were exposed to after a 10 minute tour of daily living. It was truly shocking.

While the people at VERIPUR, a new brand of hand sanitizer, give a nod to the existing alcohol products available, they saw a need for people looking for a non alcohol, longer lasting, moisturizing product that effectively kills harmful germs.

“There are a number of products that kill germs instantly,” says Caroline Pieper-Vogt, CEO of Fusion Brands Inc., the parent company of VERIPUR. “But with the launch of VERIPUR, we’re expanding the hand sanitizer category to not only kill germs but protect hands against them for up to four hours without causing skin damage or irritation.”

VERIPUR For a Very Pure Salon 
 Caroline Pieper-Vogt, CEO of Fusion Brands Inc. the parent company of VERIPUR.

Dr Jim Sears, the famed Pediatrician and co-host of THE DOCTORS, was there to share his story of why HE has switched to VERIPUR and makes sure his children use it as well. “If you wash your hands as frequently as I do,” he said in his presenation,"your hands dry up. You need a moisturizing sanitizer to offer long lasting protection.”

VERIPUR For a Very Pure Salon 
 Dr. Jim Sears

The salon applications are endless. Whether it’s you shampooing at the bowl or just rinsing your hands after a color or styling service, chances are good your hands are in need of moisturizing and sanitizing. While it's fantastic there are smaller personal sizes, its even better VERIPUR comes in a 13 fl. oz pump bottle.

 VERIPUR For a Very Pure Salon
VERIPUR Product Shot

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