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Ultra Light, Luxurious Brushes

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:47 PM

Looking for a new collection of brushes?

 Like what you see? They are all from Spornette International...

The Luxury Cushion: The LX-1 takes the original Spornette Custom Cushion brush to a new level. The satin handle makes it feel more deluxe! This brush also comes in a smaller version, which is perfect for travel. This brush is soft on the scalp, and doesn’t tug hair. 

The Big Wonder (See top photo): These brushes come in either red or blue. They are the new version of Spornette’s Little Wonder brush. Now there are more bristles to tease and volumize longer and larger sections of hair.
  Spornette Luxury Brushes

The Ultra Lite Collection: The name says it all with these brushes because the center is hollow which makes them all super light. The bristles are implanted in the barrel of the brush instead of the core. In addition there’s a bonus removable sectioning pick in the tip of each brush! These luscious red brushes are hard to resist.

  Spornette Ultra Lite Brushes

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