Precision Styling by Pete Koziell for Chumba

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 11:47 PM
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Pete Koziell has established himself as one of the most awesome apprentices in Australia. As a third year apprentice at Chumba Concept Salon in Melbourne, he is racking up the accolades.
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Koziell is an Apprentice of the Year finalist in the 2011 Australian Hair Fashion Awards and has won several local IHS competitions.
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He was an on-stage assistant for Excellent Edges, the Australian shears company, at the 2010 Hair Expo.
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Koziell is currently training as an apprentice educator with Excellent Edges and his expertise with cutting tools is evident in this collection, which displays a variety of precise lines, close-cropped and buzzed perimeters and exquisite textures.
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Koziell coordinated this photo shoot with the help of his personally selected student make-up artist and photographer.
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Hair: Pete Koziell of Chumba Concept Salon, Melbourne, Australia Photography: Carolyn Czapp Make-up: Hannah Wallace Photo styling: Carolyn Czapp
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