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A Selection of New Men's Products!

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:48 PM

Treat your male clients to variety! Whether they are looking for a grooming product, skin soother, or a fix to their hair thinning problems, these new products will give them the options they are looking for.

A Selection of New Men's Products!Care Line Man High Shine: This styling pomade by Keune Haircosmetics can be used for groomed looks and ‘gentle-hold' hairstyles for any length of hair ranging from short to long. This product creates a flexible hold for men who want styled hair but are trying to avoid that hard, overly frozen look. Each product also uses rock crystals and silicium to improve skin and hair strength.

A Selection of New Men's Products!After Shave Cooling Mist:
This fast-acting, skin-calming spray lotion by GM Collins soothes razor burn and cools irritated skin while hydrating due to the natural moisturizing ingredients combined in the formula.

A Selection of New Men's Products!
Lifting Foam Volumizer:
This product, one of three products in Joico's new Clinicure Botanical Thinning Hair Solutions Stylers, provides humidity-resistant lift and volume without static or buildup. The formula includes hyacinth for long-lasting support; hibiscus to enhance body and fullness; bamboo extract to strengthen and protect hair and quinoa to restore softness and moisture.

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