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David Maderich | July 10, 2011 | 11:48 PM

I often get asked by aspiring make-up artists for that one piece of information that will not only help their careers, but make them better artists.

My advice is simple: Learn to blend – and then blend some more. In my photography make-up classes (FYI for classes check out, I am constantly stressing to my students the necessity to blend out any hard lines – even ones you can’t see with the naked eye. Try standing back about three feet and study the face for makeup flaws – never look at your work and say it looks great, look at your work and ask yourself how can you make it better. Not only will this make the face appear airbrushed and flawless, it will endear you to photographers and directors by costing them less in retouching fees – and that will lead to more work for you.

How to blend? I like to take a large fluffly brush (I love the brushes by Beauty Addict) dipped in translucent powder and gently going over the entire face including blush, eye shadow and contour lines. Some amazing translucent powders to try are Your Name Mineral Make-up Powder and Aveda Inner Light Mineral Pressed Powder.

I am also asked frequently how to create the ever popular "smokey eye". MODERN SALON TV just did a segment in the current episode.


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