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Modern Proview: Spotlight on Service

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:49 PM

January is a time for a fresh start! Everything from adding new marketing programs, renovations and product lines can boost profitability and grow your business in 2011. We asked MODERN SALON'S Proview Panel, if they are adding any new services this year. Here's what they said:

Modern Proview: Spotlight on Service"We have just added laser hair removal and eyelash extensions- which will be mostly spa orientated. The salon has also put in place higher end color services called Signature Coloring, thereby giving more custom-design color for our guests."
-Ian Marc Smith, owner of Imagine Salon & Spa in Bedford, Canada

Modern Proview: Spotlight on Service"For 2011 we see a lot of excitement in new products and services with our newest location just completed. In our services department we will be adding a whole new line up to our massage, therapy treatments and facial lines. On the salon side we plan to build off of 2010's explosion in value added sales with more hair treatments, shoots and our new hair extension line. In our storefront retail area we will be adding more hair accessories, a new make-up section and more styling tools."
-Jenn O'Neill owner of Hair Studio 322 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Modern Proview: Spotlight on Service"I am seeing less clients in a day, so I am working on giving more attention to the client in the chair and adding services. With each client I can add a few face-framing highlights to a single process color or hair cut, or I can add on a brow tint or shaping. They appreciate the extra attention."
-Karen Kotchko owner of Studio 416 in Fairfield, Connecticut

Other facts:

  • 75 percent of MODERN's Proview Panel is projecting growth for their business in 2011.
  • 46 percent of MODERN's Proview Panel members will be introducing a new product line into their salon for 2011.
  • 25 percent of MODERN's Proview Panel members will be renovating their salon in 2011.

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