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What will be the Hot Salon Trend in 2011?

July 10, 2011 | 11:49 PM
We ask the MODERN SALON Jan 2011 contributors: "What do you think will be the hot salon trend in 2011?"

"I think texture is going to continue to be big. I have seen more and more clients request styles that highlight their natural texture as opposed to the stick-straight styles of the past." -Derek J

Derek J, celebrity hairdresser and platform artist for Belson Products, owns The J Spot Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he says he is best known for cutting and weaving, he's also known for his appearances on various reality shows. The Toledo, Ohio-native has seen his work grace the covers of many nationally published magazines, and at the same time, he witnessed his trendsetting hair styles on the small screen. In addition to his work on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, he has appeared in the Chris Rock film Good Hair, America's Next Top Model, My Fair Wedding and others. He was an invited competitor in the exclusive Bronner Brothers Hair Battle Royale, and took home the $20,000 prize on BET's Tears, Shears, and Beauty. See his work on the cover and here.

What will be the Hot Salon Trend in 2011?"Styles that are more free and casual compared to last year's super-neat precision cuts. This will allow the new trends to show more individual personality while still looking instantly fashionable." -Jennifer Bokshon

Jennifer Bokshon of the Stefano Savoca Salon in Lyndhurst, Ohio, was a true star at her first photo shoot at MODERN SALON's Artist Session. "Artist Session was the most inspirational experience of my professional career to date," she says. Bokshon masterfully created multiple textures on her model's hair using every tool, product and trick in the book. When asked about her goal as a stylist, Bokshon says it "is to create fresh and fashionable styles without compromising beauty as well as being able to inspire people to want to be their best in everything they do." See her looks here.

What will be the Hot Salon Trend in 2011?"I see two trends emerging: First, short, Mia Farrow-style hair cuts will make a strong comeback, as this look will provide a contrast to the loose, unstructured short cuts that are currently popular. As for long hair, there will be movement away from the rockabilly look, and more emphasis placed on a softer style, with hair flat at the crown and light, organized waves from mid-length to end." -David Bamford

Kevin.Murphy session stylist David Bamford, an Australian native, was a stylist for Vogue Nationale. He has worked with high-profile clients such as the late Farrah Fawcett, Reem Acra, Oscar de la Renta, Iman, President Bush and Muhammad Ali. Today he has his own venture in Houston, Texas-Therapy Hair Studio, which has been featured in InStyle, Allure, and Vogue to name a few. See his styles in "Braidelvise here.

What will be the Hot Salon Trend in 2011?"My hair forecast for 2011 is an array of bold, vibrant colors intertwined with futuristic cuts." -Nioka B

Always harboring a passion for hair and fashion, Nioka B has nurtured her skills and talent as a hair stylist over the years through drive and dedication, and several visits to Artist Session. "I have been designing and reinventing hair at Flawless Hair Salon, in Hampton, Virginia for seven years," she says. "My goal is to have more editorial work published and eventually work on the sets of television and film. I would like to culminate my career by teaching artists and arming them with the skills and knowledge needed to be a competitive stylist in this industry." See her styles from MODERN SALON's Artist Session here.

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