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Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

July 10, 2011 | 11:50 PM
by Michelle Breyer

Curls aren't just for girls. Many Hollywood heartthrobs are sporting textured looks these days and setting trends for the rest of the male population.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

With hair like singer Josh Groban's, it's really important to not touch it until it's completely dry, says celebrity stylist George Papanikolas. Only use a light amount of product like Joico's Curl Definer Crème, and run it through wet hair. Once the hair is completely dry, lightly scrunch it to eliminate any stiffness. The end result will be soft, defined waves without frizz.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

For actor Adrian Grenier's hair, salon owner and curl queen Ouidad suggests carving and slicing all through the back and sides to balance out the movement in the hair. "This style is great for those with naturally curly and textured hair," she says. "Men with curly hair find themselves with few hair style choices that will suit the natural style and texture of their tresses." This type of cut is gaining popularity and has men nationwide embracing their natural locks rather than buzzing them off. "All you need is the Ouidad Clear Control Pomade to work in the curl and you are ready!"


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

Actor Colin Firth is now starring in The King's Speech and has become a favorite among Hollywood and fans alike. To achieve this look, Pravana Artistic Educator James Gartner says to start with damp, towel-dried hair, and palm a bit of Pravana's Curves Curl Enhancer gel or Density Extreme Volumizing Foam into the hair. Next, take one-inch sections of hair and rope each section around your finger to create ringlets. Do this until all of the hair is roped. Use a diffuser and gently dry the strands, then shake through the hair at the scalp using your fingers.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

To properly take care of hair like Steelers' Safety Troy Polamalu, Mizani's Development Team Member Michelle O'Connor says to keep the curls hydrated by beginning with a very moisturizing cleanser. She recommends using True Textures Cleansing Cream Conditioning Curl Wash. "Condition the hair and replenish it with True Textures Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Masque," she says. "Curls tend to be weaker so you want to reinforce strength as well as moisture." You can also apply True Textures Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel liberally to damp hair and let dry.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

For a look like singer Nick Jonas' the key is to do everything you can to really maximize the curl pattern, says Anthony Dickey, creator of Hair Rules. "Styling starts straight from the shower; you want to apply product when hair is soaking wet," he says. "Rubbing hair with a towel will disturb your curls and promote frizz." Dickey recommends placing a dime sized amount of product like Hair Rules Curly Whip between your palms and gently squeeze the product into the hair to enhance your client's curls. "Try your best not to touch the hair while it's drying-how it looks wet is how you want it to set," he says. "If you don't want to wait for the hair to air dry, use a diffuser. Once dry, apply a small amount of the Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream, which will add extra moisture without leaving the curls greasy."


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

Currently the star of the CBS's The Mentalist, Simon Baker's natural waves can be easily achieved in a few simple steps, according to Tracey Bocci, owner of Bocci Salon in Sterling Heights, Michigan. First prep the hair with TIGI B for Men Clean Up Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. Then apply a quarter size amount of B for Men In Check Curl Defining Cream evenly through wet hair, and towel dry to remove excess moisture. This will create a soft natural movement of curls. Finish with a pea-size amount of Pure Molding Paste for extra separation and hold.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

To achieve Glee's Matthew Morrison's hair style you can use a number of products from CHI Man. According to George Cooper, Farouk Global Artistic Board, three products would work best with Morrison's style. For the client who wants a much softer approach to styling use CHI Man Flexible Styler Active Paste. It can be used to style damp or dry hair. It also adds shine and flexibility. For a firmer hold, use CHI Man Radical Style Extreme Glue, which gives weightless control and shine. To finish any of these two styles, use CHI Man Groom and Hold Finishing Spray.


Hollywood Heartthrobs Sporting Textured Looks

Controlled or chaos, curl or wave, these textural qualities have a new position in your clients' masculine style and presentation. Like Matthew McConaughey, men with curl have wide varieties of style. American Crew International All- Star Theri DeJoode recommends Curl Construct by American Crew to make hair curlier, and give order to the curl. For the cut, "when hair is directed off the face, like McConaughey's, enter the razor at the front of the head and cut each section toward the back of the head," she says. "This pushes the hair back." To elevate away from the head, the action of the cut should be at the location of one to three inches from the scalp- this location offers support."

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