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Eva Scrivo on Beauty

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 11:50 PM

I just got my advance copy of EVA SCRIVO ON BEAUTY, the 300 plus guide offering her inside knowledge on what every woman needs to know to "be her most beautiful, confident self". Eva, known as a "beauty guru", is owner of the Eva Scrivo salon in NYC, a celebrity colorist and a spokesperson for L'Oreal Professionnel. In addition to creating make up designs on her clients, Eva is the host of BEAUTY TALK on Sirius Satellite Radio, has served as the resident beauty expert on NBC's "The Martha Stewart Show" and frequently appears on the CBS Early Show.

The book is great. While it is geared to the consumer, it also offers great advice for the salon professional. Chapter 1 is called THE HAIRCUT: Architecture of Hair. This chapter alone is 41 pages discussing face shape, the power of a fringe, building structure with layers and cutting with a razor. There are pictures offering before and after shots as well as sketches on enhancing beauty such as "Lengthening a Short Neck" or "Slimming a Round Face". This chapter is full of "rules" and "rule breakers".  All chapters, including HAIR COLOR, SKIN CARE, MASTERING MAKEUP and BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT are complete with common mistakes and "professional techniques".

At a press conference to launch the book to beauty editors, Eva told me the most important chapter for all salon professionals is "Salon Confidential".  In it, Eva shares how to pick a stylist, how to best communicate, how to complain and how to divorce your stylist. "If YOUR client knows this..shouldn't you?" Eva asked. There is some real inside info on communication and etiquette. It is incredibly thorough.

Eva Scrivo On Beauty is a perfect book for your client AND you. While it is not available until early April, Atria Books (a division of Simon and Schuster) and Amazon are offering pre-sales. $35 and worth every penny.

Eva Scrivo on Beauty

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