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A Compact Hair Dryer With Power!

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:52 PM

As a hairdresser having a variety of styling tools makes your life easier and gives you more options. Besides your hair dryer at your salon it's convenient to invest in a small dryer for your travels and when you're on the road. The trick is though, if you get a smaller dryer you want one that gets the job done just like the dryer at your salon.

A Compact Hair Dryer With Power!

If you are looking for such a dryer, you are in luck. I tried out a practical and comfortable compact hairdryer that is both powerful and effective. With an ergonomic handle and brand new side switches with a lever, Elchim's 3800 Idea Ionic light and balanced new generation professional compact hairdryer can be the perfect partner for your hair.

A Compact Hair Dryer With Power!I didn't think a small hairdryer like this could have so much power, but it did! I was pleasantly surprised when I tested it out. It dried my hair quickly and efficiently. The ionization device in the dryer also moisturizes the hair making it smooth and silky, eliminating electrostatic charges too.

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