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Mohawk Ponytail Enhances Highlights

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:53 PM
I just saw a video with Patrick McIvor and Fashion Director Nathan Rosenkranz at Patrick McIvor Color Studio on how to show your clients how to style a perfect ponytail that will properly accentuate their highlights!

Check out this video! It's really fun to watch.

“Most women with long hair pull it into a ponytail during the summer months and that can lead to awkward color lightening from sun exposure constantly hitting the top layers down the center of the head. The result is similar to a Mohawk effect, lighter down the middle and darker on the sides,” explains Rosenkranz who created the Mohawk Ponytail as a way to control where the sun lightens hair.

Mohawk Ponytail Step-by-Step
  1. Section hair from the top and back into one ponytail leaving both sides out.
  2. Take the hair from the left side with the right hand and draw hair up and over the ponytail, hold in place.
  3. Take the hair from the right side with the left hand and draw up and over the ponytail.
  4. Hold all 3 ponytails and secure together with a second ponytail holder or covered elastic.
  5. Spray hair with Matrix colorcarethérapie Shielding Shine Mist, a lightweight no-hold mist that preserves the longevity of colored hair, complete with UV filters to shield color from fading and protection against free radical damage. For added health, use Matrix hydrathérapie Aqua Immersion Hair Crème-Masque before and after sun exposure.

The Mohawk Ponytail doesn’t just prevent awkward color fadage and enhance highlights like a Cheerio on “Glee,” it actually looks cool too!

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