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How-To: Faux Bob

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:53 PM

While it may be easy for your short-haired clients to make their hair "longer" by using hair extensions, it's harder for your long-haired clients to make their hair "shorter" without actually cutting their hair. If your clients want to keep their long locks but switch it up a bit, you may want to recommend this fantastic faux bob by Rodney Cutler from The Salon at ULTA. It's stylish and something your clients can recreate on their own!

Step 1:
Prep: Apply a small amount of Redken full frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush for volume. Once hair is dry, back comb the hair all over to create a cushion at the scalp.

Step 2: Anchor: Create an anchor at the nape by creating a 1" wide braid, extending from side to side. Use pins to make the braid lay flat against the nape hairline horizontally.

Step 3: Pin-up: Divide hair into 3 low ponytails. To create the ponytails, use small elastic bands and secure each section near the ends of the hair. The elastic band should be placed several inches away from the scalp so the ponytail is extremely loose hanging.

Step 4: Pin-up: Create your FOB (faux bob) by grabbing the very tips of one ponytail between thumb and forefinger. With opposite hand, grab the elastic band and "rough" it or push the band backward toward the scalp. Repeat this process with all three ponytails. This will create a wide bubble of hair across the back hairline with 3 long tails at the end of the bands. Roll and tuck these tails and elastics under the bubble of hair and pin into the anchor braid to secure. Use your fingers and Redken quick dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray to mold the hair into the final shape which will look like a soft bob hair cut.

Step 5:
Detail: Lightly run your fingers over the surface of the FOB to create some airy pieces over the surface for softness. For added personalization around the face, twist at the temple area and pin into place or use a fashion bobby pin to secure. Mist Redken quick dry 18 over the entire surface for all day hold.

How-To: Faux Bob

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