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FASHION WEEK: Philip Pelusi at Venexiana

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:54 PM

After collaborating with Hungarian-born designer Kati Stern of Venexiana for the past four seasons, Philip Pelusi created a look he calls a Venetian topknot for fall/winter 2011 Fashion Week. "It's like a French twist but with a difference," says the founder of Tela Beauty Organics.

To provide a lot of texture and control, Pelusi worked Tela Beauty Organics Composer through the hair before styling. Half of the hair in back was pulled into a low ponytail, which was gently teased. Next, the hair in front and on top was teased. Then Pelusi brushed the hair back toward the ponytail and slowly twisted it upward as if creating a French twist, using hairpins to secure the hair as he worked his way up the head. Any hair that was left over was finger-combed and pinned at the crown. "So many of the clothes in this collection have a Venetian feel, but I also wanted some height to the hair," Pelusi says. "After all, the models are tall, regal and elegant. We wanted the hair to look the same."

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