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Proview Panel: Celebrity Inspired

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:55 PM

When new trends hit the beauty industry, Hollywood’s hottest celebrities are the first to wear the new styles. We asked MODERN’s Proview Panel, “If you could style any celebrity past or present, who would it be and why?” Facts: Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham are the top three celebrities MODERN’s Proview Panel members’ clients frequently want to emulate. 94 percent of MODERN’s Proview Panel members research celebrity looks in order to suggest new styles and colors to their clients.

“James Dean, because I love that retro-sexual men’s look and he totally owned it. I feel it is important for men to be able to express their different personalities with their hair style, just like James Dean did. When consulting with male clients I often use him as an example of how they can be clean cut yet still a little roughed.”
—D. Scott Ball
owner of The Cut & Color Room in Orlando, Florida

“Elizabeth Taylor. For decades she continues to be the ultimate dream client. She can wear any length, any color, from perfectly finished, jet-black Cleopatra to wild and crazy snowqueen white and look phenomenal no matter what!”
—Debra Wichtel
salon manager of The Salon at High Maintenance in Bordentown, New Jersey

“Cher. She’s always had such an iconic style. Through every decade she has set trend after trend and always been ahead of the curve. I love her for her guts to try something new, and her ability to pull it off, and with no apologies.”
—Annie Shell
owner of Gloss Salon and Creative Director for Mantra Haircare in Xenia, Ohio

“Sandra Bullock. I love her hair, it’s thick and pretty just like her personality. She has beautiful color but it needs some dimension. The highlights she has had in the past are too warm. I think she can have a subtle dimensional change that will speak volumes!”
—Gail Lockwood
Booth Renter at Shear Reality Salon in Fort Worth, Texas

“Katie Couric. I would change her color and style. I also think that the women on Fox news look the best—everyone has a complementary color and style. The other stations should notice and follow their lead.”
—Angela Guido
owner of Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Day Spa in Waltham, Massachusetts

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